List of useful WH40k RPG links (by LordFckHelmchen)

Check out this extensive list of links leading to exquisite 40k resources.

Ok, so I got this extensive list of various links around the Warhammer 40k RPG topic. All credit to LordFckHelmchen for providing this list!

"The Emperor Protects"


  • /r/40krpg Subreddit on 40k-related RPGs (contains some useful resources like maps, etc.)

  • DriveThruRPG Online store for RPGs (source for W&G ePubs)

W&G-specific resources

Maps & Tokens

  • HB Token Builder (new version) Character token creator top-down & standing; actively maintained

  • Tangram Open-Source OpenGL Maps with different renderers (live & 3d). Useful for quick map hacks

  • /r/battlemaps Subreddit with (tabletop-focused) maps & related tips & ideas


  • Donjon Vast collection of very useful generators (names, dungeons, worlds, star systems, dice rolls, ...).

  • scifiideas Collection of (mainly) name generators


  • 40k Gallery A collection of all sorts of 40k images with filters

  • Dataslates  A collection of data slates to use for player information

  • Imperial parchment A collection of, guess what, imperially-inspired paper for player information

  • Female 40k chars A forum thread with a collection of female 40k characters

  • A 40k Author Blog of Robbie McNiven, a GW author, with lots of grim dark images

  • IG thread A collection of imperial guard images & fluff

  • Warhammer Art A website to buy fine-art prints, but also useful as inspiration

  • 40k icons GitHub repo with 40k icons as SVG


  • Font guidance Reddit post with an in-depth guide for 40k roleplaying material from Black Industries & Fantasy Flight Games; TL;DR:

    • Requiem for headings (size 28)

    • Aquifer for subheadings (size 10)

    • IM Fell Great Primer Roman for text (size 8)

    • Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen for the faded scribbles behind headings (size 34).