Vehicle Sheet

Need a place to organize your warbands tank, frigatte or other vehicles or war? Darth Venrir put together this pdf for your usage.

Player Reference

Reddit user GerdBerguukion has created this 18 page rules reference that helps learning and playing the game.

Helper & Summary

Bill Gant has put some real effort into these extensive Summaries. Quite some colorful pages help you with all the combat and advancement (should you survive).

Combat Cheat Sheet

Reddit user Z_Scribe created this three pages of reference sheet for combat, healing, dying, corruption and conditions.

Condensed Rules reference

mikev37 produced a condensed rules reference that helps the DM (and players) in their Wrath & Glory Campaigns.

Form-Fillable Character Sheets

Deathbird has put on some quality fillable PDF character sheets for Wrath & Glory.

Character Sheets for Wrath and Glory

Your currently will find fan-made character sheets. We will add and link to other resources like community pages, reference sheets and roleplaying hooks in the future. If you want to add your page assets or other stuff, reach out to via docsofdoom+network(at)