Lets bring the Necron Species up to date

My take on bringing the necron hombrew up to date with v2

I got some input from Elhazzared and adjusted some parts (noted as v2.1) There is a small but sturdy demand for some of the older homebrews to be updated. So here we do a little quick and dirty way to bring existing species and archetypes up to date.

In this article, we cover the Necron species and as a basis we use the one from the Legacy of the Necrontyr.

Attributes and Skills

With W&G v2, attribute bonus are gone. Now there are - so to say - requirements. You just decide what attributes and skills you deem the base requirements and add this to the species cost. For Necrons, I use Astartes as a basis and decide they should have Strength and Toughness at least 4. I see no other requirements. This sums up to 40 xp for stats.

I see no real need to have mandatory skills. As Necrons are a martial species, much like Astartes, you could make the argument for at least Weapon and Ballistic Skill of maybe 2. Lets go with this for 12 xp.

Also we set the Speed to 5.

This leaves us with 52 xp for now.


Ok, first lets look what the original version has to offer. We have:

  • Reanimation Protocols, aka come back from the dead.

  • Living Metal, aka you are a machine and regenerate each turn.

  • Soulless Machine, no emotions, no fear, no corruption.

  • A Galaxy of Enemies, super abhuman deluxe.

Ok so lets check each individually. Also, as a note, species abilities usually do not have costs. A species only cost its required stats. We can give a species a cost for its abilities. But I think is does not matter because I assume when you play necrons.... you play a necron only group. But we will check that the necrons get some penalties.

Reanimation Protocols

Reanimation Protocols (v1): A Necron reduced to 0 wounds gains +1 to the die result of its Defiance checks, and if it rolls a 6 (after bonuses) it returns to consciousness with d6 wounds remaining rather than 1. If a Necron fails 3 defiance checks and would “die”, it is instead returned to its home tomb for repairs via teleportation. It remains dead and leaves behind a body only if the defiance check that “killed” the Necron was a 1, or if the Necron was killed by Annihilation.

I must say... this is quite complicated. I would try this:

Reanimation Protocols (v2): You can make two additional types of actions while dying: (1) Spend a Wrath torecover 1d3-1 Wounds. (2) Spend a Glory to teleport to your home tomb.

Living Metal

Living Metal (v1): A Necron regenerates 1 wound at the beginning of each of its turns if it has more than 0 wounds. It does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, and is immune to disease, poison, or blood loss. If not equipped with other plating, a Necron is considered to have AV 4. For the purposes of weapons and abilities that affect machines, a Necron is considered a machine.

Living Metal (v2): If you are not dying, you regenerate 1 Wound at the start of your turn. You are a machine for effects that affect machines. You don't need to eat, sleep or breath. You are immune to the Bleeding Condition.

I removed the default AV of 4. I would rather see this as Wargear. Another take would be to give a plain resilience boost. I'm not 100% sure for now.

Soulless Machine

Soulless Machine (v1): A Necron cannot be affected by any ability or psychic power that would inflict fear or affect the target’s emotions or soul. A Necron never needs to pass Resolve tests in order to keep fighting. A Necron’s Corruption is permanently locked at 0.

Soulless Machine (v2): You can't gain corruption points by any means. You gain +2 to Resolve.

I decided to bin the psychic resistance. I assume player character Necrons have even a minimal bit of consciousness left.

Mechanical Existence (v2.1): You gain +1 to Resolve. You are immune to effects that can't affect machines.

I tuned done the resolve bonus. Also, I allow corruption to take effect. The immune to effects that can't affect machines is a little wonky. Like, I think it is not clear what affects nerons and what not. Might need some revision in wording and effect...

A Galaxy of Enemies

A Galaxy of Enemies (v1): A Necron is generally hated by all other races. It suffers a +3DN penalty to all social tests apart from Intimidate when dealing with non-Necrons.

A Galaxy of Enemies (v2): You are anathema to other species and thus suffer +3 DN for social interaction tests, that are nor Intimidation.

So.. its more or less the same.

A Galaxy of Enemies (v2.1): You are anathema to other species and thus suffer +3 DN for social interaction tests against targets without the NECRON keyword.

Some rewording...


Well that's mostly it. What do you think?