Keyword Spotlight: Adeptus Mechanicus

We take a look into the Adeptus Mechanicus Keyword. What bonus it grants and which secrets it unlocks.

Aaaah Keywords, right? There are the stuff! Listen! Our group is a big fan of Keywords. An today we are looking at one of the stronger Keywords in the collection, the ADEPTUS MECHANICUS.


In this article, we will explore which characters have access to the keyword. Then we take a look into the mechanical benefits, be it access to wargear or talents.

Who can have it

There are multiple ways to obtain the Keyword:

  • Adeptus Mechanicus Faction Archetypes

  • Archetypes that comes with the [ANY] keyword (probably Scum or Inquisition)

  • Bargain with the GM during Advanced Character creation

  • Ascension Package (Back from the Brink, Patron, Reputation, Traitor)

  • Some other means by the GM (lucky you!)

Factions and Archetypes

First, obviously, all characters from the Adeptus Mechanicus Faction.

But probably more intriguing are those that might get it via the [ANY] keyword. Those are the Archetypes from the Scum or Inquisition Faction. This also opens some narrative as the keyword must come from somewhere right? A Ganger might have deep ties and connections to the local mechanicus. A scavvy might even bargain with the heretic mechanicus. His mutations could even be some sort of deamon flesh metal like the Chaos obliberators. Only for heretic campaigns recommended.

Advance Creation

Another Source is the Advanced Archetype Creation. A Human might take any two keywords. This allows for some interesting combinations that craft exotic characters. Combined with ROGE TRADER gives a Captain with deep ties and contracts to the Mechanicus. A MINISTORUM priest might work with the machanicus to have repentance engines or arco flagellants crafted. An ASTARTES could be a Techmarine.

Via Ascension Packages

Bank from the Brink being the obvious choice. The Mechanicus deemed you worthy to be resurrected, either to work in their ranks or maybe as a favor for your service.

Dauntless reputation might also the way to go for the prist mentione above. At Tier 3 (90 pts.... oh boy) the devotee talent may give you access to Chrono Gladiators, nice!

Demanding Patron grants quite some influence bonus. A tier 1 char that ascends to tier 3 grants +4 Influence. All that for the little price of having an Arch Magos watching your very steps.

Then... for the traitor in you, there is the Perfidious Wretch. Here you swap one Keyword for the Mechanicus one. At least in this context. I'm not so warm with this package in general but this would probably work for any former loyal char that enlists into the dark mechanicus.

What it brings

The keyword grants these benefits:

  1. Use intellect instead of fellowship for influence when dealing with other mechanicus

  2. Gain access to some mechanicus exclusive wargear

  3. Gain access to some mechanicus exclusive talents

Data is Currency

You Love intellect, you hate fellowship, you still want wargear? Data is Currency is your way out. The Keywords grants you the unique ability to use intellect as base for your influence when interacting with fellow mechanicus. Thus you can use the mechanicus network to obtain information and.... wargear without putting points in this filthy fellowship.

Combined with the Conversational Cogitator talent, you are even less dependent on fellowship but might still be able to do some fellowship 'tricks' once in a while.


There are quite some weapons that lack the IMPERIUM keyword and thus need the ADEPTUS MECHANICUS to be acquired. Most of the weapons are not significant stronger than more common weapons. But I think some are worth a closer look. Also you can access to a special kind auf augmetics, can you guess which ones?


Most notably and probably fluff wise reserved for pure Mechanicus characters is the Omnissian Axe. A symbol and a weapon. But, stat wise weaker than the Power Axe. It has Range 2m if this is something of value on your table.

That was melee. But Range offers quite some options. The Arc Rifle is a strong rifle which is quite obtainable (6, Rare). It has good damage (~16), default range (24m) and comes with Salvo 2 and Arc (2), increasing the damage against vehicles even more. The Arc Pistol is the poor mans Fusion Pistol but with double the range.

The Galvanic Rifle is comparable to the Boltgun. It comes without brutal but a little longer range.


Mechadendrites! Yes, those are only obtainable via the respective Keyword and grant some nice options. Sometimes counting as equipment but with +1 die to skill rolls. Those are:

  • Exploration, count as auspex and +1 die to survival,

  • Medicae, count as medikit and +1 die to ... medicae,

  • Optical, count as Scope and Prysense and +1 die to awareness.

  • Utility, count as combi-tool and +1 die to tech (looking at you, Tech Interaction Attacks)

Also you can take a laspistol (meh) and the good ol servo arm, probably a consideration when having an eye on heavy weapons.

Oh yes, also you have your hands free for some weapons (wink, wink).


Binary Chatter might help to hack, influence, command these low brain servants of the machanicus.

Conversational Cogitator allows you to substitute Tech (Int) for Cunning, Deception, Insight or Persuasion. This can be quite strong for 10xp and refreshes after a short rest.

Rite of Fear grants you a small range (10m) cone fear attack. The worth probably depends a little on your warband setup and your general role in combat. Maybe an option to stay usable in melee without specking into weapon skill. I personally would prefer dipping into Tech intimidations. But, the fear attack does not depend on any of your attributes, so it could also be quite strong for lower Tier campaigns. But it cost 30xp.

Rite of Magnometrics is my personal narrative favorite. It works as a mule when carrying 5+ objects in your orbit. You can also hover over metal objects (ok). And its last use is a 20m - 60m long mundane telekinetic grapple with a strength of 3 - 7. This leaves space for narrative rich actions IMO.

Rite of Pure Thought hooked for a feeling? Not anymore. This gives a small bonus to Resolve and Investigation (and e.g. fear resistance). Maybe, but nothing exotic.

Final words

Ok so, I gave you an overview of the capabilities of the ADEPTUS MECHANICUS keyword. It grants you access to some wargear. But the major strength for me comes from the unlocked talents.