The Journey of the Golden Goose - Session Two

Captain Vulpes gathers intel and resources in preparation of the reopening of the warp distortion.

This Session was originally written by the Lord Commissar Orlow himself. So you might find some personal notes scattered in the text.


Lord Vulpes had jumped through the Warp-Rift, only to fight a little on a rebellious planet. He was forced to retreat back through the rift to Cheribdion Alpha, leaving his Arch Militant Lady Anastasia behind on the sister planet Cheribdion Beta. During the Retreat, they discovered that parts of a long lost Ship, the Bringer of Wrath, have merged with the Main Hive on Chebribdion Beta. The flagship of the (late?) Lord-Commander Tibor Achillus.

Through the Years

Back on Cheribdion Alpha, the trusted Navigator Orellion estimated, that the warp rift will reopen again in approx. 4 standard years. The Characters used this time in various ways. We will see how...

On Cheribdion Alpha

Here, the Captain was gathering Intel, most importantly regarding Achillus and also if some of his family had escaped the ork ambush (Spoiler Alarm: it does not seem so).

The Astartes Ephimeteus constructed a 'Walk of the Aquilla' on the Golden Goose. A path within the Warship to honor the Heroes and bolster the (fighting) spirit.

Commissar Orlow oversaw the recruitment of the first full Regiment: the 1st Cheribidionic. He also, noted with pleasure, each rumor and observation of misbehavior of the newly announced seneschal... Cassidy Gaines.

The Techmagos could not be bothered with such political nonsense, so he took it on himself to increase his efforts on researching the so called, Koreljow-anomaly.

The Sisterhood and the Inquisition

Meanwhile, the Superiors of the Hospitaller Syrene noted, that the events on Cheribdion Beta had marked Syrene, and that her destiny awaits alongside the Order Militant. She was rescheduled for training to join the Order of the Martyred Lady. As Part of this, she joined the Crusade in the Archeros Salient, to fight against the Heretics of Chaos. After that Crusade, she was re-assigned to join the Inquisitor in Training, Josef Markowich, as his Bodyguard.

A little technical details, Syrene changed the Archetype from Hospitaller to Sister of Battle and ascended (Stay the Course) to Tier 3. The Ascension equipped her with a Combi-Flamer. She also picked the Inquisition Keyword, to represent her work alongside individuals of that organisation.

Josef himself, fought alongside Inquisitor Morosow at the 'Grauhöllen-Frontier' (german for greyhell-frontier). Using discussable (at best) methods, they finished multiple Operations against the Tau in that sector. Josef was then send by Inquisitor Morosow to join Captain Vulpes Campaign when the warp reopens.

All back together

The Sister is clad in the fine Armour of the Sororitas. Shoulder-long white hair frames her Face. This well known face is still like porcelain and someone might see the old, innocent gaze. Some red scars are witness of her new trade and her eyes contain a new, cold fire...

Sister Syrene, 'Beautiful Syrene'. The Soldiers speak her name in awe or sometimes lust. But never within earshot of her or the Commissar.

All gathered on the Golden Goose. Some formalities needed to be done, regarding the regiment, preparations on the jump and more. There are also some open issues on Aiden Hive, that need some attention. Also, the Agents, Captain Vulpes had send to gather intel regarding Achillus might come back with some insight. But I'm getting ahead.

Aidon Hive (The Main Hivecity on Charibdion Alpha)

The governor of Aidon Hive was pleased to meet the Heroes again. During the visit, on the Planet, the group was attacked while traveling on a hyper-train. The Magos discovered that the train was mined. He warned the others and jammed some of the triggering transmissions, so that only a part of the train was destroyed. While the Magos tried to disarm the remaining bombs under the warbands train, another train with mercenaries appeared and a wild firefight broke out. The ambushers are led by an mutated ogryn and they longed for the head of the governor. In the end, the crew defeat the attackers in a mix of the Commissar's Supreme Intimidating Presence, Josef's Marksmanish Sharpshootery and hidden psychic attacks (cough, Cassidy, cough).

Personal notes from the Commissar: I'm not sure, but it seems like Cassidy was in deep concentration during the moment, when something was twisting the metal rails of the enemies train. Wasn't he also gesticulating in that direction? Maybe he is a bigger scum than I anticipated.

The Commissar also delivered the final blow against the Mutant, blood and gore spilled over the parade Uniform (the ambush occurred when they were traveling to a Parade). The Commissar concludes:

Personal notes from the Commissar: The blessing of the Emperor makes the Imperial Soldier resilient against attacks and allows him to laugh about the weak attempts to bring him down. The ruined uniform right before a parade is still quite worrying. A personal punishment is necessary and scheduled accordingly.

Well, the train is still moving...

The still moving, still bomb containing train (fragments), would be a real problem for lesser (read fleshy) men. But the Magos defused the bomb while having a chat with the trains machine spirit and eventually, the construct came to a halt on it's expected destination. Probably also just in time for the Parade.

The apprentice Marcovich investigated the attackers, but could only find out, that they were quite well equipped for hideous scum. No clue that would allow for the hunt of the sponsor of this ambush.

Back on the goose, still not jumped

The Agents, send by Lord Vulpes returned with quite some information regarding Lord Tibor Achillus and his Bringer of Wrath.

Some years ago, the Inquisitor Telemat had conducted her own researches with the help of Annuve Schattenweber, an Rogue Trader from House Schattenweber (german for Shadow weaver). The research from the Inquisitor was never made public (duh), and she was currently missing in action. And also the individual Annuve had died: overdoses around 788.M41... But there was (a new) hope. According to his own wishes, he was buried on the Shrine-world Crematorium Sanctus MCXXII, a planet that served as a graveyard for the heroes, martyrs and fallen soldiers of mankind. Probably a little out of place for an (alleged) drug using, xenos loving (probably), drunken (most likely) space pirate.

It was decided: an investigation of Annuves grave was ordered. The warband would investigate the graveyard planet.

Crematorium Sanctus MCXXII

The ash grey planet seemed to be an exciting place to be (not). A space station, hovering over the planet guarded the entrance to the planet. Large lifts (sorry elevators) organised the journey down to the planets ashen surface. The group was welcomed by the imperial bureaucracy:

“I am praetor Jorates and my tasks are of high importance. Thus, my time is precious and I can not waste it with distraction. What do you want?”

Orlow signed the various contracts and forms and the descent to the surface begun. The group was joined by man from the Goose, disguised as Honor Guard. The exact location of the grave is unknown to the praetor, but the crew around Vulpes are capable individuals, and after some time, the grave was found. Deep down, after vast tunnels and behind sealed doors the crypt that should contain the remains was reached. What information will they reveal about the legendary Bringer of Wrath?

Final thoughts

Instead of jumping through the warp storm ASAP, Lord Vulpes decided to investigate the secrets surrounding the Bringer of Wrath and its lost Lord: Tibor Achillus. Also, all Player Characters have reached Tier 3, gained some XP (in addition to the 300 from the creation) and gathered to investigate and prepare the jump to Cheribdion Beta, where the situation of the Arch Militant Lady Anastasia is unknown.