Buff Combat Corruption Damage Debuff Faith Healing Knowledge Protection Psyker SKill Skill Social Support Utility Wargear
Acts of FaithGrants Faith and bonuses with various options.Faith40Core Rules
Augmetic <Specific Implants>Gain an augmetic or cybernetic implant.Wargear20Core Rules
BetrayerMay sacrifice a devotee for Wrath.Corruption, Buff30Core Rules
BombardmentCalls in a bombardment once per game.Combat, Damage40Core Rules
Chaos FamiliarGains a minion spawned from the warp.Corruption20Core Rules
CounterstrikeStrike back if you are attacked in melee.Combat30Core Rules
Cybernetic ReconstructionDoes not bleed or breathe. +½ Rank to Tech and Soak tests. +2DN to Persuasion tests.Wargear, Protection30Core Rules
Dedicated <Ability>Increase the chosen bonus to +Rank.Buff30Core Rules
DevoteesYou gain a mob of Troops as devoted followers.Protection30Core Rules
Dual Wielder (Ballistic Skill)May wield two pistols.Combat, Damage30Core Rules

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This is a reference table for the wargear used in the Wrath and Glory Role Playing Game.