Area Combat Corruption Damage Debuff Faith Interaction Intimidation Melee Morale Ranged Skill Social Stealth Support Surviuval Survival Utility Wargear Warp Wrath
Acute Sense [Sense]You gain +Rank dice to Awareness Tests based on the selected sense. Skill 20Core Rules (v1.5)
Angel Of DeathAdd +Rank damage when using Astartes related Weapons. It´ more or less: Bolt, Unarmed, Chain- and Power-Weapons. (see core pg. 129 for details). Combat, Damage 30Core Rules (v1.5)
ArmourbaneUse shifts to reduce the targets resilience (1 per shift) when using BLADE, CHAIN, FORCE or POWER FIELD weapons. Combat, Melee, Damage 20Core Rules (v1.5)
Augmetic, One Very RareReplace part of your biology with one very rare augmetic. Wargear 20Core Rules (v1.5)
Augmetic, Two RareReplace part of your biology with two rare augmetics. Wargear 20Core Rules (v1.5)
BerzerkerWhen a creature within 30 metres suffer a crit or bleeding, you gain 1 Wrath. Corruption, Wrath 20Core Rules (v1.5)
Betrayer+1 Corruption. Sacrifice a willing or unconscious individual for some heretic wrath. Corruption 20Core Rules (v1.5)
Binary ChatterAdd +Double Rank when you instruct/program/question a servitor (or similar). Utility 20Core Rules (v1.5)
BlindfighterYour Weapon Skill Attack Tests are not affected by the Blinded condition. Melee, Combat 20Core Rules (v1.5)
Blood Must Flow!You may shift melee attack dice to inflict bleeding. Melee, Combat, Debuff 20Core Rules (v1.5)

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This is a reference table for the wargear used in the Wrath and Glory Role Playing Game.