The simple mind
Source: Forsaken System Player`s Guide, pg. 93

Build Point Cost: 76

Base Tier:

Speed: 6


Avalanche of Muscle

When you Charge you gain an additional +Rank Bonus Dice to your melee attack Test.


Whenever you enter an enclosed area you must make a Fear Test (default DN 2). Additionally, whenever you roll a Complication in an enclosed space, the GM can spend 1 Ruin to force you to repeat this Fear Test.

Simple Loyalty

Whenever an ally with the IMPERIUM Keyword makes a Leadership Test targeting an Ogryn they gain Bonus Dice equal to the Ogryn’s Rank ( +Rank ).


You suffer a +1 DN penalty to social tests with Humans, modified by the target`s Keywords.

No recored Psykers

There are no recorded instances of Ogryns with psychic abilities. You cannot have the PSYKER Keyword.

Armour for Abhumans

For abhumans like Ogryns, the Rarity of any Armour is increased by +1.

Forsaken System Player`s Guide, pg. 93