Forge World Origin

Under the Omnissiahs watch
Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 9

Build Point Cost: 0

Base Tier:

Speed: 6


Ave Omnissiah

The character has memorised countless operation litanies and maintenance hymnals, giving them an innate familiarity with machines and the Cult Mechanicus. They receive +1d on all Tech tests and Scholar tests relating to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Stranger to the Church

Forgeworlders are unfamiliar with the ways of the Ministorum and the Imperial Creed and suffer +2DN on all Scholar tests relating to the Imperial Creed. The character may not take any archetypes with the ADEPTUS MINISTORUM keyword.

You hail from a domain of the Adeptus Mechanicus and were raised invoking psalms to the Omnissiah rather than prayers to the God-Emperor. You are a cog within a grand machine that contains trillions of souls, honed to serve your specific purpose.

Note: It`s recommended to increase the following Attributes and Skills at least once, to reflect the homeworld`s origin: Strength, Intelligence, Scholar, Tech.

- Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha -
An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 9