The Sinister Kin
Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 13

Build Point Cost: 20

Base Tier:

Speed: 8


Blade Artist

When you make an attack with a melee weapon, increase the weapon’s AP by 1 (i.e., from -1 to -2) if you shift one or more Icons on the attack. This stacks with effects such as the Rending weapon trait.

The Thirst

You cannot recover Shock by spending Wrath or the use of Medicae. You recover 1d3+Rank Shock when you inflict Shock on or kill an opponent, when you succeed at an Intimidation Interaction Attack, or when an enemy fails a Resolve test. The GM gains +1 Ruin whenever you become Exhausted.

She Who Thirsts

Your Max Shock is reduced by your Corruption Level.

An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 13