Minor Biomancy Divination Pyromancy Telekinesis Maleficarum Telepathy Runes of Battle Universal
AssailFling objects at opponentsTelekinesis10Core Rules
Boil BloodInflict Shock and Mortal Wounds on enemies in an areaMaleficarum15Core Rules
ChameleonConceals the psykerMinor8Core Rules
CompelCommand a target to perform a short, simple actMinor10Core Rules
Conceal PhenomenaHides the presence of a psychic powerMinor5Core Rules
Conceal/RevealHide or expose beings in an areaRunes of Battle20Core Rules
Create FlameOutline a part of your body in fireMinor10Core Rules
CrushRestrain and damage targetsTelekinesis10Core Rules
Dull PainReduce incoming Shock damageMinor8Core Rules
Embolden/HorrifyMake allies braver or enemies more fearfulRunes of Battle20Core Rules

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This is a reference table for the wargear used in the Wrath and Glory Role Playing Game.