Minor Universal Biomancy Divination Pyromancy Telekinesis Telepathy Maleficarum Runes of Battle Navigator Powers (Pax) WAAAGH! Sanctic Ancestral Rites Librarius Runes of Fortune Runes of Shaping
‘EadbangerBring the closest enemy to zero wounds.WAAAGH!20An Abundance of Apocrypha (v3.1)
A Cloud in the WarpMask yourself from observations through powers.Navigator Powers8Pax Imperialis
AssailThrow large objects (your mom?), dealing 10 +1 ED.Telekinesis10Core Rules (v1.5)
Astral AimSanctic20An Abundance of Apocrypha (v2)
Chameleon+3 to Stealth and +1 Defence vs Ranged Attacks.Minor8Core Rules (v1.5)
CompelTarget must pass DN 4 Wil test or must follow a single command.Minor10Core Rules (v1.5)
Conceal / RevealConcealed allies within 5m gain +1 to Defence and Stealth. Revealed targets can not benefit from Cover.Runes of Battle20Core Rules (v1.5)
Conceal PhenomenaPsychic atempts to detect you are at +2 DN.Minor5Core Rules (v1.5)
Conjure FlameFlaming Melee Attacks that deal 8+1ED and may (GM) inflict On FireMinor10Core Rules (v1.5)
CrushForce grapple, dealing 10 +1 ED and might restrain.Telekinesis10Core Rules (v1.5)

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This is a reference table for the wargear used in the Wrath and Glory Role Playing Game.