Triarch Praetorian

Source: Legacy of the Necrontyr (pg. 7)

Triarch Praetorian
XP Cost
Keywords: Necron, Triarch
Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 4, Toughness 5, Intellect 4, Fellowship 3
Skills: Ballistic Skill 4, Weapon Skill 4, Scholar 5, Persuasion 3
Codes of Combat

A Triarch gains +Rank bonus dice to all Scholar tests to decide matters of Necrontyr law. A Praetorian may make choose a single non-Necron elite or adversary-tier threat and make a DN 4 Scholar test as an action. If successful, the Triarch may declare that threat Honorable or Dishonorable. If it is Honorable, all Necrons within 12m gain +½ Rank to Weapon Skill tests against that threat. If it is Dishonorable, all Necrons within 12m gain +½ Rank to Ballistic Skill tests against that target, and certain tactics and cruelties may be permissible to use against it.

Wargear: Heavy plating, Rod of Covenant, Crest of the Triarch (Symbol of Authority)
Influence: +2