Source: Legacy of the Necrontyr (pg. 6)

XP Cost
Keywords: Necron, [Dynasty]
Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 4, Toughness 5, Initiative 4
Skills: Weapon Skill 5, Awareness 4
Guardian Protocols

The Lychguard may designate another <Dynasty> Necron as its Charge as a free action. If the Lychguard is within 6m of its charge, it may make a DN 3 Agility test when the Charge is attacked or would otherwise take damage from an outside source. If it succeeds on this test, the Lychguard takes the place of its Charge as the target of the attack or effect. If the effect would harm both the Lychguard and its charge, such as a weapon with the Blast trait, the Lychguard takes the damage for both itself and its charge separately. If the Lychguard loses wounds by taking damage for its charge, reduce any wounds lost by the Lychguard by ½ Rank.

Wargear: Heavy plating, Warscythe, Dynastic Crest (symbol of authority)
Influence: +2