Kastelan Robot

Source: The High Altar of Technology
Name Rating
Strength 8
Agility 4
Toughness --
Intellect 2
Willpower --
Fellowship --
Initiative 4
Name Rating
Defence 4
Speed 8
Wounds 10
Shock --
Soak 8
Resolve --
Conviction --
Passive Awareness 3
Resilience 17 ( 17 Walker)
Name Rating
Ballistic Skill 6
Weapon Skill 6
Default 5


Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Kastelan Fists melee
18 + 2 ED
-3 Brutal
Incendine Combustor 16 m
12 + 2 ED
-1 2 Blast (Large), Blaze, Heavy (6), Spread
3x Heavy Phosphor Blaster 72 m
14 + 2 ED
-2 3 Blaze, Heavy (6), Phosphor

Blast: Can affect multiple targets (see Core Rules, pg. 229). ◆ Missed attacks deviate. ◆ When used in Melee (e.g. Pistols), the blast may only affect engaged targets. ◆ Fire-Blasts ignore cover bonus to defence. ◆ Fire-Blasts do not deviate, bt hit the location. Characters still avoid being hit.

Blaze: Any target hit is set on Fire (see CORE, pg. 275).

Brutal: When rolling damage dice, add +1 to the result of each Extra Damage Die.

Heavy: Without Strength Rating of X the wielder suffers +2 DN on attacks and is (additionally) knocked prone on a Complication. Wearing Armour with the Powered Trait or having the Adeptus Astartes or Ork Keyword prevents the Knock Down. Bracing the weapon remove the DN penalty.

Spread: When killing a troop within a mob, any excess damage carries over to the nearest troop in the same mob.

Special Abilities

Repulsor Grid: A Kastelan Robot has a Force Shield with AV *5. When attempting to soak wounds, if two or more 6s are rolled on the soak roll, the enemy that made the attack suffers a mortal wound.

Battle-Automata: A Robot is not alive, and therefore ignores any effects that would affect the mind or physiology, such as poisons, radiation, disease, or mind-affecting psychic powers. A Robot does not have a toughness, willpower, fellowship resolve or conviction score and is considered to automatically pass those tests if it is required to make them, except where the GM determines otherwise.

Battle Protocols: Kastelan Robots can have one of three battle protocols active at a time. A Kastelan Robot begins combat with Aegis Protocol active and cannot change to another except by the actions of a Cybernetica Datasmith. (1) Aegis Protocol: The Kastelan robot adds 2 to its resilience and increases the AV of its Repulsor Grid force shield to 7.(2) Conqueror Protocol: The Kastelan cannot fire any ranged weapons it has equipped, but may ignore up to 2DN penalty for making a melee Multi-Attack.(3) Protector Protocol: The Kastelan cannot use any melee weapons it has equipped and cannot move, but doubles the Salvo rating for all its ranged weapons.


An echoing remnant of the once-great Legio Cybernetica, the Kastelan is a true robot, capable of making combat decisions without the input of a human operator. Edging dangerously close to the Silica Animus the Mechanicum fears, every Kastelan Robot is programmed with special data-chips, sanctified and warded against what the Adeptus Mechanicus fears above all else: another uprising of Artificial Intelligence. To help prevent this, Kastelan robots are usually fielded alongside Cybernetica Datasmiths, tech-priests who dedicate themselves to monitoring and feeding combat data to these walking automatons.

While the Kastelan Robot is technically classed as a vehicle and is treated as such for most purposes, it operates on its own will without a human intelligence, and therefore much in common with a normal enemy as well. For all purposes that involve the vehicle’s pilot, consider the profile below to represent both the Kastelan itself and its “pilot”.

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