Source: Let The Galaxy Burn
Name Rating
Strength 3
Agility 2
Toughness 2
Intellect 2
Willpower 3
Fellowship 2
Initiative 4
Name Rating
Defence 3
Speed 6
Max Wounds 1
Max Shock 2
Determination 2
Resolve 2
Conviction 2
Passive Awareness 2
Resilience 6 ( 2 Robes)
Name Rating
Deception 5
Stealth 5
Weapon Skill 5
Default 3


Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Autopistol 20 m
7 + 1 ED
0 2 Pistol
Knife melee
5 + 1 ED

Pistol: Pistols can be fired while Engaged (see core pg. 184) with a +2 DN, using the Ballistic Skill.

Special Abilities

Devotion: Any time a cultist is slain by a Critical Hit, the GM gains 1 Ruin.

Shoot and Stab: Cultists take no penalty for a multi-action where they fire their pistol and stab with their knife in the same turn.


Anyone can free themselves from their chains, but most have little value other than fodder, never seeing any great achievements or power. Some willingly sacrifice themselves to summon daemons, others brutalize and mutilate themselves in their worship, desperately begging for a shred of the gods’ favor. Often, these cults are led by a priest of the Dark Gods, serving much the same purpose as the Corpse Emperor’s own zealots. However, on the field of battle, hordes of cultists can be goaded into battle before a Chaos Space Marine.

Keywords: Human Heretic Chaos <Mark of Chaos>
Let The Galaxy Burn