Source: Let The Galaxy Burn
Name Rating
Strength 10
Agility 8
Toughness 9
Intellect 7
Willpower 8
Fellowship 6
Initiative 10
Name Rating
Defence 6
Speed 12
Max Wounds 32
Max Shock -
Determination 8
Resolve -
Conviction -
Passive Awareness 6
Resilience 18 ( 8 Armour of Rage)
Name Rating
Weapon Skill 18
Default 14


Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Hellfire 16 m
12 + 1 ED
-1 1 Assault, Blaze, Blast (large)
Great Axe of Khorne (Mighty Strikes) melee
28 + 4 ED
Great Axe of Khorne (Sweeping Blows) melee
14 + 1 ED
-2 Spread

Assault: You can fire an Assault weapon as part of a Sprint (p.180), but take a +2 DN penalty to the attack.

Blast: Target a point (DN 3) and deal damage to anyone in the blast radius. You can´t shift for damage.

Spread: When fired at Short Range, a Spread weapon can hit any number of targets as long as they are all within 3 metres of one another. When you fire a Spread Weapon at a Mob you gain +3 bonus dice.

Special Abilities

Daemonic: This threat may attempt to Soak Mortal Wounds. Soaking does not cost any Shock for this threat.

Fear (8): This threat causes fear. Enemies are required to pass a Fear test (DN 8) to act normally.

(Wrath) Blood for the Blood God: If a Bloodthirster rolls a 6 on the Wrath dice when attacking with its weapons, any character that loses a wound from the attack also gains the Bleeding condition.

Greater Daemon: All those with the Khorne keyword within 12 metres of a Bloodthirster (including itself) automatically pass Resolve or Fear tests.

(Ruin) Deathbringer: A Bloodthirster may spend a Ruin to activate this ability until the end of its turn. All exalted icons shifted to damage produce 2 ED each, rather than 1.


The ultimate embodiment of Khorne’s unflinching rage, a Bloodthirster charges into combat with a fervor only outstripped by its ferocity. Tearing through hordes of soldiers like a farmer reaps wheat, no amount of slaughter is enough for this juggernaut.

Keywords: Chaos Daemon Khorne
Let The Galaxy Burn