Necron Immortal

Source: Legacy of the Necrontyr
Name Rating
Strength 5
Agility 4
Toughness 6
Intellect 3
Willpower 4
Fellowship 2
Initiative 4
Name Rating
Defence 3
Speed 5
Max Wounds 9
Max Shock 7
Determination 6
Resolve -
Conviction -
Passive Awareness 4
Resilience 12 ( 5 Heavy Plating)
Name Rating
Ballistic Skill 9
Default 7


Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Gauss Blaster 48 m
12 + 1 ED
-2 2 Rapid Fire (2)
Tesla Carbine 48 m
12 + 1 ED
0 2 Assault, Tesla

Assault: You can fire an Assault weapon as part of a Sprint (p.180), but take a +2 DN penalty to the attack.

Rapid Fire: This Weapon deals +X ED at Short Range.

Tesla: May shift exalted icons from an attack to an additional enemy (per shift) within 3m with the weapons default damage and AP.

Special Abilities

Reanimation Protocols: When this threat is reduced to 0 wounds, except by Annihilation, roll a d6 at the beginning of each following round until combat ends or reanimation occurs. On a die result of 5 or 6, the threat returns to consciousness with 1d6*Tier wounds remaining. For mobs with this ability, instead roll a d6 for each member of the mob that has been lost, and for each result of 5 or 6, restore it to the mob. A mob that is reduced to 0 members does not roll for Reanimation Protocols.As a full round action, a character may attack a Necron at 0 wounds, spending enough time to blast its remains apart or chop it to pieces, killing it permanently (or at least for the remainder of the combat). It may still be teleported away from the battlefield by its tomb.

Soulless Machine: A Necron is immune to fear, pinning, and mind-affecting abilities and powers. A Necron never needs to pass Resolve tests in order to keep fighting. A Necron’s Corruption is permanently locked at 0. Necrons are immune to disease and toxins, and never have to eat, sleep, or breathe. For the purposes of weapons and abilities that affect machines, a Necron is considered a machine.

(Ruin) Champion: This threat may take Ruin Actions.

(Ruin) Immortal: An Immortal may spend a point of Ruin to negate any critical effects it would suffer from a critical hit.


Formerly professional soldiers in the Necrontyr military, these warriors retained a spark of their sentience, though they are still only capable of slightly more than a Warrior. Often assigned as leaders of groups of Warriors, Immortals carry much more powerful weapons and are covered in enhanced plating that gives them their name. Even amongst the deathless Necrons, the Immortals are particularly resilient.

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Legacy of the Necrontyr