Tyranid Termagant

Source: Javelin's Tyranid Bestiary
Name Rating
Strength 3
Agility 4
Toughness 2
Intellect 2
Willpower 4
Fellowship 1
Initiative 3
Name Rating
Defence 2
Speed 8
Wounds 4
Shock 4
Soak 2
Resolve 2
Conviction 3
Passive Awareness 3
Resilience 6 ( 3 Chitin)
Name Rating
Ballistic Skill 6
Default 5


Termagants are equipped with a Fleshborer and Claws and Teeth.

Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Fleshborer 20 m
7 + 1 ED
0 1 Assault (1)
Claws and Teeth melee
5 + 1 ED
Strangleweb Cannon 20 m
5 + 1 ED
0 1 Blast (Medium), Strangleweb

Assault: Assault weapons can be fired as part of a Run Action, with additional +2 DN for the attack.

Blast: Can affect multiple targets (see Core Rules, pg. 229). ◆ Missed attacks deviate. ◆ When used in Melee (e.g. Pistols), the blast may only affect engaged targets. ◆ Fire-Blasts ignore cover bonus to defence. ◆ Fire-Blasts do not deviate, bt hit the location. Characters still avoid being hit.


Special Abilities

(Mob) Brood Mind: Whilst in a mob, Termagants gain +3d to Resolve tests while they are within 20 meters of a Genestealer or any other Tyranid with the Synapse Creature keyword.

Instinctive Behaviour (Lurk): A Termagaunt that is further away than 1KM from a Genestealer or any other Tyranid with the Synapse Creature keyword, or otherwise cut from the Hivemind will turn from combat and actively seek out a shelter to hide in, attacking only to defend itself.

(Mob) Strangleweb: Occasionally Termagaunts are equipped with debilitating weaponry in order to capture live specimen for gene-splicing and dissecting. In a mob of at least 10 Termagaunts you may replace one´s Fleshborer with a Strangleweb Cannon.

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Javelin's Tyranid Bestiary