Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha
Name Rating
Strength 3
Agility 5
Toughness 3
Intellect 2
Willpower 5
Fellowship 1
Initiative 5
Name Rating
Defence 4
Speed 6
Max Wounds 3
Max Shock 3
Determination 3
Resolve 4
Conviction 5
Passive Awareness 3
Resilience 5 ( 1 Tyranid Carapace)
Name Rating
Stealth 6
Ballistic Skill 6
Default 5


Termagants are normally armed with Fleshborers, but some carry Devourers or Spinefists instead. In a mob, one Termagant in every 10 may carry a Spike Rifle or Strangleweb instead.

Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Devourer 36 m
10 + 1 ED
0 3 Agonising, Asault, Spread
Fleshborer 24 m
10 + 1 ED
0 1 Assault, Brutal
Spinefist 24 m
8 + 1 ED
0 2 Paired, Pistol
Spike Rifle 36 m
8 + 1 ED
0 1 Assault, Sniper (1)
Strangleweb 16 m
5 + 1 ED
0 0 Assault, Blast (Small), Tangle (3)
Claws melee
5 + 1 ED

Agonising: Every Wound inflicted by an Agonising weapon also inflicts 1 Shock.

Assault: You can fire an Assault weapon as part of a Sprint (p.180), but take a +2 DN penalty to the attack.

Blast: Target a point (DN 3) and deal damage to anyone in the blast radius. You can´t shift for damage.

Brutal: When rolling damage dice, add +1 to the result of each Extra Damage Die.

Pistol: Pistols can be fired while Engaged (see core pg. 184) with a +2 DN, using the Ballistic Skill.

Sniper: When you Aim with a Sniper weapon you gain an additional + 1 bonus die to the attack, and gain +ED equal to the weapon’s Sniper rating.

Spread: When fired at Short Range, a Spread weapon can hit any number of targets as long as they are all within 3 metres of one another. When you fire a Spread Weapon at a Mob you gain +3 bonus dice.

Special Abilities

Instinctive Behaviour (Lurk): At the start of the creature’s turn, it must pass a Resolve test (DN 3) or act according to that instinct; if the Resolve test is passed, the creature may act freely. If the creature is part of a mob, then the whole mob makes a single Resolve test. Tyranids with the Lurk instinct are driven by their survival instincts to seek out cover, hiding themselves away and attacking only when threatened. A Tyranid with the Lurk instinct becomes pinned.

(Mob) Hail of Living Ammunition: Whilst in a mob, Termagants gain a +1d bonus to ranged attack rolls.

Variants: Biomorphs

Adrenalin Glands: Increase Speed by 1.

Toxin Sacs: Melee attacks gain +1 ED and Toxic(3).

Keywords: Tyranid Gaunt
An Abundance of Apocrypha