Flayed Ones

Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 170
Name Rating
Strength 7
Agility 4
Toughness 5
Intellect 2
Willpower 6
Fellowship 1
Initiative 4
Name Rating
Defence 3
Speed 5
Max Wounds 5
Max Shock -
Determination 5
Resolve 5
Conviction 6
Passive Awareness 4
Resilience 10 ( 4 Armour)
Name Rating
Weapon Skill 8
Default 7


Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Talons melee
12 + 2 ED
0 Tearing (2), Rending (1)

Rending: When you Shift an Exalted Icon as part of an attack with a Rending weapon, the weapon’s AP improves by the Rending rating for that attack.

Special Abilities

Ancient Machines: Necrons cannot suffer Shock, and abilities which inflict Shock have no effect on Necrons. Necron NPCs do may not roll to Soak unless they have an ability which permits them to, such as Living Metal.

Reanimation Protocols: Roll 1d6 for each slain Necron with this rule at the start of each round

Fear (3): This threat causes fear. Enemies are required to make a fear test (DN 3) to act normally.

(Ruin) Haunting Horror: Spend 1 Ruin to have a Flayed One emerge from their charnel dimension, drawn by slaughter and bloodshed. Regain 1 Ruin to have a Flayed One vanish back into that dimension.

(Ruin) Disruption Field: Spend 1 Ruin when a Flayed One attempts a melee attack, to add +2ED to the attack’s damage.


Flayed Ones are twisted and ghoulish Necron terrors afflicted by an ancient infection that breeds a hunger for organic flesh in them. Flayed Ones act as specialised close combat troops. They appear from an unknown pocket dimension of their hideous kind to join the Necron armies in battle, though never by invitation from the Necrons themselves.

Keywords: Necron Flayed One
An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 170