Fire Caste Breacher Shas'La

Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 236
Name Rating
Strength 3
Agility 2
Toughness 3
Intellect 3
Willpower 3
Fellowship 3
Initiative 3
Name Rating
Defence 2
Speed 6
Max Wounds 3
Max Shock 3
Determination 3
Resolve 4
Conviction 4
Passive Awareness 3
Resilience 8 ( 4 Armour)
Name Rating
Ballistic Skill 6
Weapon Skill 4
Default 5


Fire caste Breacher teams are armed with Pulse Blasters and Photon Grenades. They sometimes carry additional armament like Pulse Pistols and/or EMP Grenades.

Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Pulse Blaster (Close Range) 20 m
14 + 1 ED
-2 2 Assault, Reliable
Pulse Blaster 20 m
12 + 1 ED
-1 2 Assault, Reliable
Pulse Blaster (Long Range) 20 m
10 + 1 ED
0 2 Assault, Reliable
Pulse Pistol 60 m
12 + 1 ED
0 1 Pistol, Reliable
Photon Grenades 12 m
0 + 0 ED
0 - Blast (Medium), Suppression
Haywire Grenade 12 m
0 + 0 ED
0 - Blast (Small), Haywire (3)

Assault: You can fire an Assault weapon as part of a Sprint (p.180), but take a +2 DN penalty to the attack.

Blast: Target a point (DN 3) and deal damage to anyone in the blast radius. You can´t shift for damage.

Pistol: Pistols can be fired while Engaged (see core pg. 184) with a +2 DN, using the Ballistic Skill.

Reliable: You can ignore the first Complication related to this weapon per scene. Tests made to repair or maintain Reliable weapons are made with +1 bonus die.

Suppression: enemies hit are blinded until the end of their next turn, and must test to avoid being pinned)

Special Abilities

For the Greater Good! (Fire): When an enemy declares a charge against a T’au ally within 12m of you, you may spend a Reload to make a shooting attack against the charging enemy, adding +4 to the DN and resolving the attack before the enemy moves. This ability may only be used once per round.

Ta'lissera Bonding Ritual: Any T’au with this rule are part of a bonded team (the GM should determine which T’au are part of which team for roleplaying purposes). Whenever a T’au with this ability attempts a Resolve or Conviction test, and rolls a 6 on their Wrath die, then the test is automatically successful, regardless of how many icons were rolled.

(Ruin) (Mob) Turret Support: A mob of Fire Warriors which did not move may spend 1 Ruin to have a DS8 Tactical Support Turret air-dropped on their position. The turret lands at the end of their turn but may not act until the mob’s next turn.

(Mob) Breach and Clear! When any member of a Breacher team attacks enemies who are in cover and under the effects of a Photon grenade, they may add a +2d bonus to their shooting attacks, and +2ED to the damage of those attacks.:

Keywords: Tau Fire Caste <Sept>
An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 236