Canoptek Scarabs

Source: An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 167
Name Rating
Strength 1
Agility 4
Toughness 3
Intellect 1
Willpower 6
Fellowship 1
Initiative 3
Name Rating
Defence 4
Speed 10 (Flight)
Max Wounds 3
Max Shock -
Determination 3
Resolve 2
Conviction 3
Passive Awareness 3
Resilience 5 ( 1 Armour)
Name Rating
Awareness 7
Tech 7
Default 6


Name Range Damage AP Salvo Traits
Feeder Mandibles melee
5 + 1 ED
0 Arc (2), Warp Weapon

Arc: Arc weapons gain +ED equal to their rating when you use them to attack a vehicle.

Warp Weapon: A Warp Weapon has a Damage value equal to the target’s Resilience –4, unless the weapon’s listed Damage is higher.

Special Abilities

Ancient Machines: Necrons cannot suffer Shock, and abilities which inflict Shock have no effect on Necrons. Necron NPCs do may not roll to Soak unless they have an ability which permits them to, such as Living Metal.

(Ruin) Self-Destruct: A lone scarab (one not in a mob) may spend 1 Ruin when it attempts a melee attack; if the attack is successful, it inflicts 1d3+1 Mortal Wounds and is then destroyed.

(Mob) Devouring Swarm: While in a mob, scarabs add +2ED to their melee attacks.


A Canoptek Scarab is a small, silver, beetle-like Necron construct, about the size of a Space Marine’s armoured fist. These robotic Scarabs are the most numerous and diverse of the Necrons' Canoptek machine servants. They are designed to break down organic and non-organic matter into raw energy, which can then be woven into fresh construct forms at the direction of the Scarabs’ controller.

Keywords: Necron Canoptek
An Abundance of Apocrypha, pg. 167