Agents of the Golden Throne
ReleasedSupplement for the InquisitionSendInTheNextWave
An Abundance of Apocrypha
v2.0A collection of Unofficial RulesN0-1_H3r3
ArdentPurple's Tyranid Bestiary
Draft A collection of tyranid threatsArdentPurple
Astra Militarum
v1.0Astra Militarum SpecialistsEngineeringDevil
Chase & Pursuits
v0.1 Expanded Rules for chasingMessiahcide
Expanded armoury
ReleasedMultiple patterns and weaponsSoviet Conscript
Expanded Voidship Combat Rules
v1.0Supplement for Voidship CombatELH
God Engines
v1.2Supplement for Titan CombatMessiahcide
Hesperax’s Vault
v0.3 Supplement for Dark Eldar Characters & NPCsELH
Javelin's Tyranid Bestiary
v0.4 A collection of tyranid threatsJavelin
Legacy of the Necrontyr
ReleasedSupplement for the NecronsSendInTheNextWave
Let The Galaxy Burn
ReleasedSupplement for the Forces of ChaosSendInTheNextWave
Pax Imperialis
v0.2 Supplement for the ImperiumMessiahcide
Powered Armour Marks
ReleasedAdditional Power Armour variants for the Astartesquindraco
Tactical Operations
v1.0Houserules for more complex combat and some Wargearmikev37
The Deathwatch - Slayers of the Alien Horde
ReleasedSupplement for the Deathwatchtherealbarbarian
The Emperor’s Angels
ReleasedSupplement for the Adeptus AstartesSendInTheNextWave
The High Altar of Technology
ReleasedSupplement for the Adeptus MechanicusSendInTheNextWave
Tome of Glory
v1.5Supplement for ChaosMatthew Malis
Tyranid Draft
Draft Forum thread with Tyranid ideasTimberboar and gribble

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