Doctors of Doom

Manage Powers

Minor Universal Biomancy Divination Pyromancy Telekinesis Telepathy Maleficarum Runes of Battle
Assail10TelekinesisFling objects at opponents
Boil Blood15MaleficarumInflict Shock and Mortal Wounds on enemies in an area
Chameleon8MinorConceals the psyker
Compel10MinorCommand a target to perform a short, simple act
Conceal Phenomena5MinorHides the presence of a psychic power
Conceal/Reveal20Runes of BattleHide or expose beings in an area
Create Flame10MinorOutline a part of your body in fire
Crush10TelekinesisRestrain and damage targets
Dull Pain8MinorReduce incoming Shock damage
Embolden/Horrify20Runes of BattleMake allies braver or enemies more fearful
Empower/Everate30Runes of BattleMake allies do more damage or make enemies inflict less
Enfeeble15BiomancyReduces enemy's strenth and inflict shock
Enhance/Drain20Runes of BattleMake allies better in melee or enemies struggle
Fiery Form15PyromancySurround your body with flames and become immune to fire or melta damage
Flash Bang8MinorPotentially blind enemies and cause Shock damage
Flight8TelekinesisTelekinetically fly through the air
Force Field15TelekinesisCreate a protective field around yourself
Forewarning15DivinationGain bonus Defence and may Seize the Initiative
Fortune10MinorAdds bonus die to one test
Glimpse the future15DivinationSee glimpses of possible outcomes, gain an additional Campaign Card
Gout of Flame5PyromancyHit an area with a blast of flame
Inflict Pain8MinorPotentially stagger enemies and cause Shock damage
Jam Mechanism10MinorRender a machine inoperable
Levitation7MinorFloat up and down, or arrest a fall
Life Leech15BiomancyDamage enemy and heal yourself
Living Lightning 15BiomancyThe psyker moves faster and may take a bonus action
Mind Probe15TelepathyInvade another's mind to discover answers
Molten Beam20PyromancyCreate a beam of energy that melts through targets
Omens of Doom15DivinationUse a foretelling to make an opponent hindered and vulnerable
Orb5MinorCreates an orb to shed light
Phantom Form15BiomancyPass through solid objects
Phantom Grip8MinorManipulate objects with your mind
Prophetic Visions5DivinationGain insightful visions and bonus Wrath
Protect/Jinx20Runes of BattleMake alies tougher to hurt or enemies easier
Psychic Shriek10TelepathyPotentially stagger enemies and cause Shock damage to their mind
Psyniscience5MinorDetect psychic powers and phenomena
Puppet Master20MaleficarumControl another's mind
Quicken/Delay20Runes of BattleTwists time itself, briefly altering its flow for a select few
Regenerate15BiomancyHeal you injuries and regenerate ost body parts
Scry5DivinationRemotely view events or places
Shockwave15TelekinesisUnleash a blast of mental force around you
Shove8MinorShove an enemy and potentially knock prone
Smite10UniversalInflict 1d3 Mortal Wounds
Soul Shivrel20MaleficarumCorrupt your enemies and infl ict Mortal Wounds
Spontaneuous Combustion10PyromancyEnemies burst into flames
Telepathy5TelepathyMentally communicate with others
Terrify15TelepathyOvercome enemies within range with psychic fear
Touch of Corruption15MaleficarumInflict Shock, Corruption, and potentially mutate enemies
Voices5MinorCreates ghostly voices
Walking Nightmare10MaleficarumForce another to experience horrifi c hallucinations
Wall of Flame15PyromancyCreate a blazing wall of fire