Doctors of Doom
Cybernetic Armour Weapon Upgrade Ranged Weapon Tools & Equipment Melee Weapon Voidships
'Eavy ArmourArmour • Ork Armour3 UncommonHeavy, Primitive, Ork
9-70 Entrenching ToolTools & Equipment • Imperial Equipment2 CommonImperium, Astra Militarum
Ammo GrotTools & Equipment • Ork Equipment5 UncommonOrk
Ammunition BackpackWeapon Upgrade • Reloads and Ammunition5 Uncommon<Any>
Ammunition BandolierWeapon Upgrade • Reloads and Ammunition2 Common<Any>
Ammunition DrumWeapon Upgrade3 CommonImperium, Scum
Aquila Mk VIIArmour • Astartes Armour8 Very RarePowered, Imperium, Adeptus Astartes
Arc PistolRanged Weapon • Exotic Ranged Weapon5 RareArc, Adeptus Mechanicus
Arc RifleRanged Weapon • Exotic Ranged Weapon6 RareArc, Adeptus Mechanicus
Assault BolterRanged Weapon • Bolt Weapon8 Very RareBolt, Imperium, Adeptus Astartes, Primaris

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This is a reference table for the wargear used in the Wrath and Glory Role Playing Game.